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Welcome to the Friends of the BAA a group of people who assist and work with everyone involved in the baking industry in Australia. Who could this be ? You ask?

Well the industry employs many people from apprentices, bakers assistants, shop assistants, cleaners, delivery drivers, packers, chefs and much more. Everyone of you play a vital role in ensuring each day the nation receives quality baked products.

Friends of the BAA is not an industrial arm or union body, but merely here to assist those employed in the industry and to find out more about the industry such as: Competitions, gaining recognition, up skilling, general topics of interest and just about offering information on questions you may have.

The Friends of the BAA will offer members up to the minute assistance and information on where activities are taking place around Australia and Overseas. We also will be asking for employee profiles and meet your local friends. Each month we will try to give one member a profile on our website find out what they enjoy about the industry.

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